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My prepartum


You are not sure what you are looking for?`

We put together online programs to empower you during your pregnancy: answer your questions, feel supported emotionally and physically

You are unique, so is your support!

Breastfeeding class

Pregnancy and Childbirth Support Guide:

30 dollars

  • Diet, Life style recommendation, understand the changes during pregnancy, understand the birth process

  • Useful Hand-out

  • Labor cards position

  • Group chat support

PostPartum Support Guide:

30 dollars

  • Be prepared and supported, understand baby, what to do with baby

  • Useful Hand-out

  • Affirmative card 

  • Group chat support

Prenatal Lactation services:

100 dollars

30-60 min designed to help you for breastfeeding and deal with potential challenges.

Individual visit with the breastfeeding mom during the pregnancy to evaluate the potentials risks factors and how to help.

Risks Factors:

  • Advanced Maternal Age ( >40),

  • History of Breastfeeding challenge,

  • History of Breast Surgery,

  • Lack of Breasts changes during pregnancy,

  • Widely and spaced or tubular breast,

  • Fertility challenges,

  • Hormonal disorders (thyroid, obesity, PCOS).


Holistic and reassuring support done by an experienced Midwife, IBCLC, who take the time to listen your needs
Breastfeeding class: 

65 dollars

  • No need to travel, enjoy the video and the guide through your own couch at your own rhythm

  • 3 hours of videos that will give you confidence to start your breastfeeding journey

  • Useful Hand-out

  • Recipe to increase your milk supply

  • Group chat support



Good Tips here: some insurances in US can cover up to 6 lactations visits.

Through The Lactation network, we accept most of the plans for :

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO

  • Anthem PPO

  • Cigna PPO

  • Humana PPO

  • PNOA ( logo on your card)

  • Multiplan ( logo on your card)


Lactation Services


Connect between you, your partner and your baby

Haptonomy, or the art of being present for each other. This practice will help you create a close bond between you, your partner and your baby before, during and after childbirth. 

Anne will teach you to stay present and manage sensations and emotions during labor. Discover this practice and practice throughout your pregnancy...

During birth, the more connected you are to your body and your sensations, the more pleasant the experience will be. 

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