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My postpartum


Congratulations ! You have added to the garden of your life, one of its most beautiful flowers: your baby.

We put together online programs to empower you during your Postpartum Journey: answer your questions, feel supported emotionally and physically

You are unique, so is your support!

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Support through preventive and holistic approach of a birthing center midwife

PostPartum Support Guide:

30 dollars

  • Be prepared and supported, understand baby, what to do with baby

  • Useful Hand-out

  • Affirmative card 

  • Group chat support

Parenthood Journey Support and Guide



At home:

Initial Lactation Visit 200$

Follow up Visit 175$


Initial Lactation Visit:150$

Follow up:130$

1 hour face to face designed to help you for breastfeeding and deal with potentiel challenges.

Individual visit with the parents and their infant.

Personalized follow-up.


  • recognize a good breastfeed

  • Recognize the signals when baby is hungry

  • Identify if my baby is getting enough breastmilk?

  • Assistance for breastfeeding complications



Good Tips here: some insurances in US can cover up to 6 lactations visits.

Through The Lactation network, we accept most of the plans for :

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO

  • Anthem PPO

  • Humana PPO

  • PNOA ( logo on your card)

  • Multiplan ( logo on your card)

Breastfeeding class: 

65 dollars

  • No need to travel, enjoy the video and the guide through your own couch at your own rhythm

  • 3 hours of videos that will give you confidence to start your breastfeeding journey

  • Useful Hand-out

  • Recipe to increase your milk supply

  • Group chat support

Lactation Services

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Baby Massage

The goals:

  • Relax and calm baby

  • Relive digestive problems / colics

  • Develop parent-child bond

  • Stimulate the immune system and the nervous system

  • Promote falling asleep

  • Improve transit

  • Practice non-verbal communication

  • Soothe ailments

  • Relieve pain and joints


Our recipes

Find our special postpartum recipes here

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