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Kegel Exercises: An Exercise for Optimal Pelvic Health

Kegel Exercises: An Exercise for Optimal Pelvic Health


Le plancher pelvien, cet ensemble de muscles situé à la base de ton pelvis, joue un rôle crucial dans ton bien-être. En le renforçant, tu peux non seulement améliorer ton contrôle urinaire et réduire les risques d'incontinence, mais aussi booster ta vie sexuelle. Et oui, les bénéfices des Kegels ne se limitent pas à la récupération post-partum pour les femmes ; ils sont un atout précieux pour tous, tout au long de ta vie, dès que t’en ressens le besoin, à la ménopause et même chez les hommes !   

Hello supermom! Today, we're going to explore the incredible power of Kegel exercises together. You might have heard of them as a well-kept secret for boosting your pelvic health. Well, it's time to unveil these allies for your urinary and sexual health, valuable for men and women of all ages—yes, even men can benefit! Discovered by Dr. Arnold Kegel in the 1940s, these exercises have become a staple for more than one reason.

Why Are Kegel Exercises So Important?

The pelvic floor, a group of muscles at the base of your pelvis, plays a crucial role in your well-being. By strengthening it, you can not only improve your urinary control and reduce the risk of incontinence but also boost your sexual life. Indeed, the benefits of Kegels aren't limited to postpartum recovery for women; they are a valuable asset for everyone, throughout your life, whenever you feel the need, at menopause, and even for men!

The Goals of Kegel Exercises

The main goal? To tone the muscles supporting the uterus, bladder, small intestine, and rectum. This improves urinary control, pelvic stability, and can even increase sexual pleasure. Imagine a life where "little accidents" are but a distant memory, and your sexual health is at its peak. That's what Kegels can do for you.

How to Perform Kegel Exercises?

Doing Kegels is a bit like becoming a pelvic health ninja: it's discreet, powerful, and you can do it anywhere.

1. Identify the right muscles: Imagine you're trying to hold in gas or interrupt the flow of urine. That's where you'll find the pelvic floor muscles.

2. Adopt the ideal posture: Whether you're lying down, sitting, or even standing, the important thing is to feel comfortable and not contract the muscles of the legs, buttocks, or abdomen.

3. Practice contracting: Breathe normally and squeeze the pelvic floor muscles for 3 to 5 seconds initially, then try to gradually increase to 10 seconds.

4. Focus on relaxation: After each contraction, it's crucial to completely relax the muscles. It's a cycle of tension and relaxation that truly strengthens the muscles.

5. Repetition and regularity: Start with a set of 10 repetitions and aim to gradually increase to 5 sets of 10 per day. Ideally, integrate these exercises into your daily routine for lasting results.

Don't hesitate to visit the blog to find my advice cards to print and always keep with you! It allows you to have a little reminder of different exercises always in your pocket:é-en-pleine-forme

The Undisputed Benefits of Kegels

Besides urinary control and benefits for postpartum recovery, Kegels offer an impressive range of advantages:

- Strengthening pelvic support: This decreases the risk of genital prolapse and improves recovery after childbirth.

- Boosting sexual function: A toned pelvic floor can truly increase sensation and sexual pleasure for both sexes.

- Aid in post-prostatectomy rehabilitation: For men, Kegels can speed up the recovery of bladder control after prostate surgery.

- Decreasing pain during sexual intercourse: By increasing the flexibility and strength of the pelvic muscles, some may experience less pain during sex.

- Improving core stability: Since the pelvic floor muscles are part of your body's core, strengthening them also helps improve your posture and reduce lower back pain.

The only downside, in my opinion, is that they are not an end in themselves! I advise combining them with other exercises for your perineum like awareness of your perineum, but false thoracic inspirations, and Pilates! Find our special program for a top-notch perineumérinée-en-forme

Who Are Kegels For?

The beauty of Kegel exercises is that they're for everyone. Whether you're looking to prevent incontinence, improve your sexual health, or simply strengthen your pelvic floor, these exercises are for you. The key is to practice regularly and correctly, focusing well on the targeted muscles without soliciting adjacent areas.

Tips for Regular Practice

Integrate Kegels into your daily routine. What I often advise my patients is to practice them every time you change rooms, or associate them with usual activities like walking, waiting at a red light, or even during your relaxation moments in front of the TV. Regularity is your ally for long-term results.

Traps to Avoid?

Be careful not to fall into classic traps, like the infamous "stop-pee," which is discouraged as it can disrupt the natural process of micturition and lead to bladder problems, urinary infections... Also, make sure not to hold your breath during the exercises

not to use excessive force, and to avoid any inconsistency in your practice.

My little piece of physiotherapy advice specialized in perinatal care? Combine specific exercises with a sports practice like Pilates, you will find our Pilates programs as well as our monthly lives which are based on a daily routine of a mom or future mom! A top-notch perineum for a top-notch daily life!

By incorporating Kegel exercises into your life, you're making a powerful choice for your pelvic health. With a bit of practice and patience, you'll start to see significant changes, both physically and emotionally, because we all know urinary, sexual disorders... it's something that weighs on everyday life, and we refuse to have a daily life conditioned by the stress of the constant search for toilets, for example! So, are you ready to take care of your pelvic floor? With a bit of practice and these tips in hand, you're on the right track to enjoy all the benefits of Kegel exercises. Here's to a more serene and fulfilled life!

Be sure to get accompanied by a healthcare professional if necessary! I remind you that we can see each other in a private online consultation if you feel the need!

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