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Prenatal and Postnatal Support:
Pregnancy Guide, Breastfeeding support, fertility awareness, Haptonomy

Empower Women to be conscious of their body and their choice.

Be Empowered, Be Nurtured by maternity experts 

IndivIduals Visit : Haptonomy

Feel supported through your maternity and breastfeeding journey

Everything you need to empower you and to give you more confidence...

Feeling Empowered and Nurtured...


Guidance through your pregnancy to connect with baby, bond and communicate with affective touch 

Breastfeeding class


Simple and complete guides to help you to prepare for your breastfeeding journey

Lactation visit


Online or at home find a individualized support

Natural family planning

Concrete solutions for cultivating your garden during your pre and postpartum period: individual meeting with experts.

Ventre de femme enceinte

Enjoy your motherhood journey

Breastfeeding class

at your own pace

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Artboard 7 copie_4x1.png

Breastfeeding basics

Breastfeeding Positions

Recognize a good latch

Complications and Alternatives

Lactation services

Online or at home

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1 hour face to face

Review your Breastfeeding challenges

Review your options to feel empowered

Special Masterclass :
Massage baby

Do you want to know the basics of pediatric massage?

Join this masterclass for €60, learn to trust yourself to touch baby and trust your feelings!

Find tips and tricks for your baby....