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About Us

We are two sisters, working together to help accompany and support women and partners in their feelings during an important moment in their lives: pregnancy, birth, postpartum period...



Birth Gardens

is the digital platform empowering and supporting every/all women to feel better in their body through their women’s journey (maternity, post-partum, breastfeeding, fertility…) with a reliable content easily accessible from anywhere created by 2 sisters midwife / IBCLC/ NFP instructor and PT specialized in prepartum and post-partum recovery /Pilate coach who gathered their expertise and experience through a variety of resources: guide, video, audio, group chat.


Anne Leclercq

My name is Anne Caron Leclercq and I am an experienced certified Midwife in both Europe and the US.  I have worked 20 years in the industry in Belgium, France and now, in the US between hospitals, personal practice and currently at the Birthing Center in Austin since 2015.  I have 3 beautiful children, two boys and a girl. My husband and I moved with our 2 eldest in 2012 to Austin, Texas from France.  Our youngest son was born in Austin at the Austin Area Birthing Center. I am also a certified Haptotherapist, receiving my certification from CIRDH in 2012. Haptonomy is a well-known approach to childbirth utilized widely in Europe.  It allows the parents-to-be to function as “partners in parenting”, ahead of giving birth.  One partner plays a major role in providing affection and support throughout the pregnancy to their respective partner, who is carrying the child, so that do not feel they are alone in the process.  It also helps the partner feel that they are also contributing and a part of the pregnancy process, even though they are not the one having the pregnancy experience.  I am the only practicing Haptotherapist in the US. CERTIFICATIONS: Pre-Postnatal Aquatic Childbirth education from the Aquarius @Ostende Belgium 2005 Haptotherapist certification from CIRHD in 2012 IBCLC certified in 2023 Marquette Method NFP teacher in process 2023-2024 My passion and love of being a mother, midwife and caring for my own children has inspired me to help others throughout the birthing process to have a relaxing and non-stressful experience.   PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: I am currently working at the Austin Area Birthing Center.  I began my career as a student studying to become a Midwife in Europe and obtain my certification.  I continued as a Birth Assistance, assisting other Midwives and families during the birth and the immediate postpartum.  I was promoted to Birth Assistant Supervisor and then to Staff Midwife in Dec 2016. In France, I worked as a self-employed Midwife, as well as worked at our local hospital. As a private midwife, I utilized my training and skills in Aquatic Prenatal and Theorical Childbirth education to assist in helping the mother and partner relax and prepare for labor.  Post-delivery, I provided Perineal Reeducation to help women to rediscover their feeling of wholeness of being a woman as well as a mother.    As a midwife working in the hospitals and birthing center, I helped women from the realization of pregnancy through delivery and post birth.  As IBCLC, I helped women to enjoy their breastfeeding journey. I want now to help them also to know better their body and know about their fertility.

Alissane Caron

My name is Alissane Caron, I am a mother of 2 little girls. I have been a physical therapist since 2015. At first, I spent a year in a rehabilitation center specializing in neurology. I then worked as a freelancer in Marseille, focusing on neurology and perineology, which are the two specialties of my job that I like the most.  What I love about my job is the support and proximity to patients. I am happy to see them regularly to help them get better. I am here to support, I cannot be an actor in your rehabilitation for you but I am a support and a guide to follow and support you towards well-being. This is what my job is: to guide, advise, correct and offer patients solutions to get better. For this, I am here to teach you how to stretch, strengthen, intensify or not the exercises. I have been working since 2017 in Guadeloupe, in a multidisciplinary practice with balneotherapy, we are 9 physical therapists and we discuss a lot about our practices and how to best help our patients. The training I have done allows me to have a holistic and specific support for each person. Listening, understanding and decoding the ailments of the body, that is my job. My professional experience : I am trained in abdominal-diaphragmatic breathing, with the Guillarme method in 2016, which is a global rehabilitation method based on an expiratory brake. I then did my initiation to perineology with the IPPP in 2016. I was trained in Marseille in babywearing techniques, infant decluttering and pediatric massage. Since 2022, I have the pylate Matwork 1 certification.

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Life is nourished by beautiful encounters that make you grow and open you up to new adventures.

Discover here the professionals who will cultivate your Garden during this beautiful adventure of pregnancy, birth and postpartum that you are experiencing....

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