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My prepartum:
0-4 months

Life is growing inside you! 

For your first trimester, we offer you a variety of programs to allow you to start your pregnancy calmly and fulfilled. You will find: 

  • of the guided movementsfor your physical well-being through Pilates, the cardio/strengtheningmuscular, the yoga...

  • of the adviceself-presence based on principleshaptonomy, the meditationhypnosis perinatal,

  • of the guides on important themes such asbreastfeeding, to make your choices in full awareness and have the right information.

Weekend Brunch     I    Saturday 9 a.m. - 2 p.m.

Guided Movement Sessions

Well-being and Pregnancy Sessions

Tu veux aller plus loin ? 

Tous nos masterclass sur des sujets spécifiques !

Tous nos conseils en libre accès !

Retrouve toutes nos consultations privées :

- Hypnose

- Consultation en allaitement

- Coaching sportif

- Troubles sexuels

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