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My postpartum:
1-3 months

Baby is already 1 month old! And you are entering a new stage of your postpartum.

​In this stage, your body has started to heal itself, but it still needs a lot of attention. At the same time, you discover your baby's personality and must face questions and challenges both internal and related to those around you.

To help you manage all of this, you will find:

  • guided movements through the pilates, the cardio/strengtheningmuscular, the yoga is designed to strengthen and realign your body

  • advice after the physical and emotional changes of pregnancy and childbirth: meditationhypnosis

  • of theguides to continue to inform yourself and make choices aligned with you

These programs also offer counselingrecovery, especially on how to take care of yourself and promote optimal healing of your body. You will also find advice for managing the new challenges linked to your relationship, and this new presence within the family.

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Pre and post natal workout and recovery Session

Well-being and Comfort Session

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