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Fertility Awareness FULL PACKAGE: 1 year

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Natural Family planning is an HOLISTIC APPROACH FOR FAMILY PLANNING . FERTILITY AWARENESS is a strength. It is medically safe. It will reinforce the knowledge of your body language, the communication in your couple and your intimacy with your partner. EFFECTIVE options are open for all women. UP TO 98% with Multi-sign method and perfect use. In the package you will find the fertility awereness package + the follow up for 6 month: This package offers a personalized plan with a individual follow up to navigate your fertility journey. It aims to empower you by providing insights into recognizing and understanding your body change • Video presentation of the method • Video presentation during breastfeeding • Presentation during special situations: perimenopause, post-miscarriage • Fertility charts to download • 1X60 minute initial visit • 3X 30 minutes follow-up visit at 1 month, 3 months, and 6 months • Learn to recognize your body • Follow up by email for 1 year

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