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The Ultimate Guide to Regaining a Toned Pelvic Floor After Baby

The Ultimate Guide to Regaining a Toned Pelvic Floor After Baby

Hello Super Mom!

We know that getting back in shape after childbirth, especially in terms of the pelvic floor, is quite the challenge. In this article, we'll guide you step by step on how to restore your pelvic floor. We even have some cool tips from, Kegel exercises, and even advice on when to resume your favorite sport!

Hello Super Mom!  We know that getting back in shape after childbirth, especially in terms of the pelvic floor, is quite the challenge. In this article, we'll guide you step by step on how to restore vigor to your pelvic floor after rehabilitation. We even have some cool tips from, Kegel exercises, and even advice on when to resume your favorite sport!

Advices to : Regaining a Toned Pelvic Floor After Baby

1.Pelvic Floor Therapy: Take Time to Pamper Yourself

Now is the time to gently reintroduce exercises for your pelvic floor. No need to rush, just listen to your body. Start with small movements and gradually increase the intensity. Timeline for the first 15 days:

  • Day1-5: awareness, light contraction, breathe in and out while slightly contracting the pelvic floor (as if holding back a pee), just to increase blood flow to the area, it should remain gentle and painless.

  • Day 5-10: increase the effort. Exhale as you pretend to hold back a strong urge to pee, feeling your pelvic floor lifting upwards, try to hold it. Always couple exhalation with contraction, it helps!

  • Day 10-15: Move on to false thoracic inspirations! I'll talk more about this below!

2.Find Our Advice Cards on

 On, you'll find lots of advice in pictures to make this adventure more fun! Little cards that show you exactly what to do. A real companion on your quest to get your pelvic floor back to its best!

3.Pilates Breathing: A Breath of Fresh Air 

Pilates breathing is like taking a deep breath of fresh air. It goes beyond the muscles, taking care of you as a whole. Let's try Pilates breathing together:

  • Breathe gently

  • Pull in your stomach

  • Hold back as if you need to pee

  • Maintain good posture

  • Imagine an ice cream scoop going from your pubis to your ribs, hollowing out the abdomen

  • Inhale thoracically: The ribs expand

  • Without releasing the abdomen

  • Repeat this sequence between 5 and 10 times for optimal effect!

4.YES to False Thoracic Inspirations 

What are false thoracic inspirations (FTI)? We want your breathing to be deep and soothing, not superficial. Let's test together:

  • Inhale normally

  • Exhale ALL your air gently

  • Hold your breath: APNEA

  • Maintain for between 5 and 10 seconds without breathing in

  • Release, BUT be careful, breathe in again otherwise = MISTAKE!

  • Repeat 10 times in a row!

5.Deep Kegel Exercises 

To strengthen further, let's dive deeper into Kegel exercises. Imagine yourself in a comfortable position:

  • Contract the pelvic floor muscles by squeezing and pulling them inward.

  • Hold the contraction for 5 to 10 seconds.

  • Relax for the same duration. Repeat between 10 and 15 times.

  • The key is consistency!

6.When to Resume Sports? 

One Step at a Time When to resume your favorite sport? It's a delicate question. Generally, wait until your pelvic floor rehabilitation has progressed well before engaging in more intense activities. Your body, your rules! An Example of Sports Resumption Week by Week

  • Weeks 1-3: Light walking, gentle stretching.

  • Weeks 4-6: Add Kegel and Pilates exercises.

  • Weeks 7-10: Introduce more dynamic activities like swimming or yoga.

  • Week 11 and beyond: You can resume more intense activities Remember! Do not skip steps, only move to the next stage if your pelvic floor feels strong, listen to your body and take it step by step! This is an example, not a strict guideline! Each step is taken when your body has fully adjusted to the previous one! Listen to yourself!

So there you have it, getting back in shape after baby is a unique journey. With these tips, you're going to have a lot of fun. Every mom is different, so adjust everything to suit you. And if you want visual tips, hop over to I've compiled a special advice card collection just for you! Take care of yourself and your pelvic floor, you're doing a great job! 🌸💪

7.The Importance of Consistency in Exercises 

Now that you've explored these different techniques, let's remember the importance of consistency. The exercises you do today contribute to tomorrow's strength. Don't be discouraged if you don't see instant results. The key is perseverance. The more you integrate these exercises into your daily routine

8. The Art of Actively Listening to Your Body

A crucial aspect of this process is actively listening to your body. It is constantly communicating with you, and it's up to you to understand these signals. If you feel fatigued, experience unusual pains, or any other discomfort, do not push yourself. Every body is unique, and it's essential to respect its individual limits.

9. Finding the Balance Between Family Life and Exercise  

We understand that family life can be chaotic, especially with a newborn. Finding time for these exercises might seem challenging. The key here is flexibility. Incorporate them into moments when you can relax, possibly during your baby's nap time or after they've gone to sleep at night. It can also become a family activity where you encourage your partner to join you.

10. Visual Tips: Daily Reminders  

To make these exercises even more fun, create visual reminders. Stick small cards with technique reminders on the refrigerator or near your favorite relaxation spot. These visual cues will constantly remind you of the importance of taking care of yourself.

11. The Positive Impact on Couple's Life  

Regular practice of these exercises can significantly impact your relationship. They not only contribute to physical health but also enhance emotional intimacy. Sharing these moments with your partner can strengthen the bond between you two.

12. Support from Online Communities  

Look for online communities where moms share their experiences and advice. These virtual spaces are excellent for finding support and exchanging ideas. Other moms can offer personal tips and tricks that have worked for them.

13. Mental Well-being: An Integral Part  

Let's not forget that mental well-being is just as crucial as physical health. Take time for yourself. Motherhood can be demanding, and maintaining balance is essential. Whether it's a short walk, a reading break, or a quiet cup of tea, allow yourself these small moments that contribute to your overall well-being. We have a special meditation or hypnosis program for you: an energy boost or confidence-building, ideal for postpartum!

14. PT Resources: Professional Support  

If you ever have doubts, do not hesitate to consult a health professional. A physical therapist specialized in pelvic health can guide you through more specific exercises tailored to your individual needs. Their expertise can be invaluable in ensuring you perform the exercises correctly. You can find me for private consultations on Jardins de naissance! or access our online programs.

In conclusion, regaining your pelvic floor after childbirth is a unique and personal journey. With perseverance, active listening to your body, and tailored support, you can gradually strengthen this essential area of your body. Always remember the incredible job you're doing by taking care of yourself in this precious chapter of motherhood. Continue to love and cherish every step of this extraordinary journey! 🌸💪


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