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Bonding between the triad Mom, Dad and Baby during the pregnancy and Being ready for the birth

  • 1 heure
  • 100 euros
  • To be determined

Description du service

Haptonomy is a form of childbirth education that focuses on the use of physical touch to create a connection between the expecting mother and her unborn child. This unique approach helps to prepare the mother for labor and also helps to build a bond between mother and child even before birth. Haptonomy can provide an invaluable foundation for a healthy family relationship. - Individual sessions with the couple - - Both parents are required for all sessions - - The sessions can start after 14 weeks, never after 28 weeks - - There are 6 to 8 sessions before the birth, and 4 sessions in postpartum through the 1st year of baby until when baby is acquired the walking. OPTION IN PERSON IN ENGLISH OPTION IN PERSON IN FRENCH


Les Abymes, Guadeloupe

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